Cultural dispute in Dalston: 6,3 miles

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Beyond Candem Town, Brick Lane or Portobello, there’re other markets where products from all around the world can be found. London is well known for its multicultural life as well as the variety of tastes, smells and specialities. Yet, sometimes this wide range of choices leads to cultural conflicts.

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IMG_0638I had already run 2 out of the 6,3 miles I did on my training towards marathon when I got to Dlaston market. I took my camera in order to take some photos but storekeepers begun shouting at me that I better hide it back. So that I ended up taking an inocent photo of a christmas tree stall.

The situation was due to a BBC London investigation made last September finding illigal sold meat in Ridley Road Market. This included sales of illegal “smokies”, a delicacy made by charring sheep or goat with a blow torch. These are described to be a delicacy in some West African countries. Same thing happens with cane rat meat, which was found to be sold in this market too.

It was 4,30pm when I got back home and hadn’t had a bit to eat. The fridge was empty. I would have loved a well spiced bush meat or cane rat for lunch…

Read the Spanish version


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